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Black Digital Art

Sarah Boone

Sarah Boone

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Introducing the exceptional creation of Sarah Boone, an esteemed African-American inventor. In the year 1892, she secured a United States patent for her remarkable enhancements to the ironing board. Boone's ingeniously designed ironing board revolutionized the process of ironing women's garments, particularly their sleeves and bodies. Crafted with precision from fine wood, this slender and gracefully curved ironing board showcased an exquisite shape and structure. Its unique design flawlessly accommodated sleeves, and its reversible feature allowed for effortless ironing on both sides.

Boone's groundbreaking contributions have solidified her position as the second African-American woman to obtain a patent, following the esteemed Judy Reed. Alongside the trailblazing inventors Miriam Benjamin, Ellen Eglin, and Sarah Goode, Boone emerged as a pioneering figure in African-American inventors, introducing innovative technologies that transformed the modern home. 

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